Are you prepared for an emergency? Have what you need the most in an emergency! See more Are you prepared for an emergency? Have what you need the most in an emergency! See more

Survival Backpacks

Be prepared to deal with an emergency situation.
This way you can manage and overcome a crisis situation more easily and protect yourself and your family.
The survival backpack includes 4 kits comprising a wide variety of items specially designed for when you have to leave home in case of a disaster, catastrophe or emergency.

Junior backpack


Basic Backpack


Regular Backpack


Family Backpack

5 Reasons

to have an emergency plan

Existence of risk

The unpredictable nature of a catastrophe turns risk into something permanent.

Early Planning

To have well defined rules of action for different possible scenarios.

Learning and practising

Practise the emergency plan together with your family. The more you practise, the more effective and quick it will be in case of actual emergency.

Optimization of procedures

The implementation of the plan in the form of practise will provide you with additional data for its optimization.

Impact minimization

Planning and practicing will help you minimize the impact of the catastrophe.


in your survival bagpack


If you regularly take specific medication, store it in your backpack in enough quantity for at least 7 days.

Copies of Documents

Copy your main identification documents. Include emergency contact information as well.


Include a full change of clothing in your backpack. You may have to leave home without having time to get dressed.


If you wear glasses, consider including an extra pair in your survival backpack.

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